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Another tower defense type of game developed by PopCap games that may become one of their popular games because of the fascination people are developing for playing fantasy horror games. Plants vs Zombies 3 may make it to the top ratings of arcade games for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Playstation and xBox. In the game a player must place different kinds of plants at places where the zombies may be able to get into the house.
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Each plant or fungi has its own particular way of defending the house or being offensive to try and stop the zombies. There are several rows that are horizontal and the zombies walk towards the house. In front of the house at the start of each row is a lawn mower, the last defense against the zombies before they can get into the house. The first plant that needs to be planted are the sunflowers. They produce suns which can be used to get more sunflowers or other means of defending the house. By clicking on a sun as it is descending points build up and can be used to get pea shooters which fire peas at the zombies to stop them, walnuts that can be set out for the zombies to stop and eat, more sunflowers, exploding cherries, a pea shooter that freezes the zombies and slows them down.


As points build up and a player makes it from one level to the next, more plants are added including one that can eat the zombies. However, this plant is vulnerable when it is eating a zombie. The main idea is to plant as many plants and get as many different weapons as possible to prevent the zombies from getting into the house. However, it is fairly easy to prevent the zombies from getting in during the day time in Plants vs Zombies 3.

In the first level the game is played during the day time, however, in level two it is played during the night. It does get a little bit harder in level two since it is played during the night.